Wild Voices Podcast – Biodiversity & Beer (with me, Pete Cooper and Matt Williams)

A few weeks ago my good friend Matt Williams asked me to take part in a special episode of his podcast the Wild Voices Project, recording my thoughts on a host of different issues alongside another good mutual friend, conservationist and mammal specialist, Pete Cooper. I’m a big fan of Matt’s podcast, was thrilled toContinue reading “Wild Voices Podcast – Biodiversity & Beer (with me, Pete Cooper and Matt Williams)”

The Skeptical Environmentalist view on Biodiversity Loss

Sifting through the shelves of the university library I came across the book that I have been meaning to read for a few years. Bjorn Lomborg’s ‘The Skeptical Environmentalist’, first published in Danish in 1998 as Verdens Sande Tilstand and in English in 2001 by Cambridge University Press, sets out a counter argument to practicallyContinue reading “The Skeptical Environmentalist view on Biodiversity Loss”

Climate Change and Global Change

I am writing this post in response to a couple of articles I have been reading this evening; articles that I came across through links on twitter. The first is from the Guardian and is regarding Nigel Lawson’s climate change sceptic (or as I prefer to see them, denier) group the ‘Global Warming Policy Foundation’ (GWPF).Continue reading “Climate Change and Global Change”

The biodiversity challenge in Europe

Yesterday evening I attended the 43rd Annual Bristol University Alumni Convocation Lecture. The subject chosen was something of great interest to me personally, ‘Biodiversity in Europe’, delivered by Dr Hans Friedrich, who only recently left his post as the European Regional Director of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Dr Friedrich, a Dutch geographerContinue reading “The biodiversity challenge in Europe”