A brief introduction to soil biology

One week has, rather predictably, not been enough to do justice to the subject of soils. Nonetheless, I hope I have been able to trigger an interest among some of you and have inspired you to find out more. I will certainly return to the subject in the (near) future but this post is theContinue reading “A brief introduction to soil biology”

Is the farmer’s job to produce more and more food?

The idea for writing this particular blog post sprouted from an article on Farmers Weekly by Matthew Naylor available here. The article encourages debate on what the role of the farmer actually is. Naylor writes: ”Decades of discussion about grain mountains, subsidies, biodiversity, diffuse pollution and food flavour have obscured the main function of aContinue reading “Is the farmer’s job to produce more and more food?”

The biodiversity challenge in Europe

Yesterday evening I attended the 43rd Annual Bristol University Alumni Convocation Lecture. The subject chosen was something of great interest to me personally, ‘Biodiversity in Europe’, delivered by Dr Hans Friedrich, who only recently left his post as the European Regional Director of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Dr Friedrich, a Dutch geographerContinue reading “The biodiversity challenge in Europe”