Standing up to racism

I was really pleased when I opened my copy of Farmers Weekly earlier today to find that Executive Editor Philip Clarke had chosen to focus his editorial piece on standing up to the racist slur shown towards dairy vet Navaratnum Partheeban, who incidentally wrote a discussion piece here on thinkingcountry a couple of weeks ago.Continue reading “Standing up to racism”

Applauding the Fit2Farm Campaign

It’s easy to get bogged down with Brexit, confused over party conferences or concerned about other global events at the moment, but when it comes down to it, as individuals, few things should be more important to us than our physical and mental wellbeing. Yet, how many of us push it to the brink orContinue reading “Applauding the Fit2Farm Campaign”

Is the farmer’s job to produce more and more food?

The idea for writing this particular blog post sprouted from an article on Farmers Weekly by Matthew Naylor available here. The article encourages debate on what the role of the farmer actually is. Naylor writes: ”Decades of discussion about grain mountains, subsidies, biodiversity, diffuse pollution and food flavour have obscured the main function of aContinue reading “Is the farmer’s job to produce more and more food?”

Farmers Apprentice

Farmers Apprentice I have just watched the whole series of this competition from start to finish. Superbly made and following the aspirations of 10 talented and driven young people, I highly recommend anyone who is interested in the future of the industry watches this. Very inspiring. Click the title of this post to watch theContinue reading “Farmers Apprentice”