Car Crash Ahead?

Last week I began something new on the ThinkingCountry facebook page as well as my twitter and instagram feeds. I must admit that I have been slightly late to the ‘vlogging’ scene but as they say it’s better late than never and I now completely see the benefits both for me and for you dear readers in terms of engagement. Who knows, a ThinkingCountry Youtube Channel may come about at some future point.

The introduction has been a ‘review’ of the latest issue of Farmers Weekly, in vlog format.

This week’s issue of the Weekly was full of reasons to be fearful for the no deal future that perhaps inevitably (my view at this point in time) lies ahead for us all, especially if you happen to keep sheep, although it should also be said that there was quite a bit of ‘optimistic’ content within the pages, depending on where you are starting from. Farage and his Brexit crew appear to be sending a message that they represent every single person who voted for Brexit when they say that leaving under WTO trade rules is a satisfactory outcome in the current political climate. For so many people leaving without a deal can never be the best format in comparison to the status quo. I see us moving towards an inevitable car crash and yet none of the senior governmental politicians are brave enough to slam on the brakes. They are playing with fire.

Farming will adapt and there will be a farming sector of some sort post Brexit. Individual farms however will suffer and we will see some farms go bust. The likelihood of this I would say is high, based on prospective trade options and the knock on impact in terms of prices on the farm gate.

The same is true when it comes to the environment. New policy will be made and conservation will continue, but will it go far enough and will Brexit encourage further intensification of production in the wake of struggling profit margins that damages conservation efforts? Yet again, more uncertainty and a growing margin of concern.

If you, like I, feel helpless, I can only say that I know how you feel. It’s an utter mess and it will take years, if not a generation, for the dust to settle. This is only the beginning.


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