#FarmerHealth – Meeting Anna Groom of AEG Nutrition

Regular readers of this blog will notice that mental and physical health, particularly within the farming community are becoming fairly frequent subjects on Thinking Country. To continue the theme I recently visited Anna Groom, who is an HCPC Registered Dietician and Sports Dietician  from Suffolk. Alongside working for the NHS Anna runs AEG nutrition whichContinue reading “#FarmerHealth – Meeting Anna Groom of AEG Nutrition”

Online Counselling, Telehealth #FarmerMentalHealth

Part of the #FarmerMentalHealth campaign, as well as Farmers Weekly’s #Fit2Farm campaign, is about encouraging those who are struggling with their mental health to reach out to others for help. The most difficult thing in the world can be to accept that you are facing a problem but the old cliche that a problem sharedContinue reading “Online Counselling, Telehealth #FarmerMentalHealth”

Applauding the Fit2Farm Campaign

It’s easy to get bogged down with Brexit, confused over party conferences or concerned about other global events at the moment, but when it comes down to it, as individuals, few things should be more important to us than our physical and mental wellbeing. Yet, how many of us push it to the brink orContinue reading “Applauding the Fit2Farm Campaign”