Online Counselling, Telehealth #FarmerMentalHealth

Part of the #FarmerMentalHealth campaign, as well as Farmers Weekly’s #Fit2Farm campaign, is about encouraging those who are struggling with their mental health to reach out to others for help. The most difficult thing in the world can be to accept that you are facing a problem but the old cliche that a problem sharedContinue reading “Online Counselling, Telehealth #FarmerMentalHealth”

Counselling for better health

If you are from the United States you may think there is a typo in the title of this post but ‘counselling’ with two ‘l’s is actually the preferred spelling in English speaking countries outside of the US. This post is part of a series of articles on thinkingcountry working in conjunction with BetterHelp, theContinue reading “Counselling for better health”