Wild Voices Podcast – Biodiversity & Beer (with me, Pete Cooper and Matt Williams)

A few weeks ago my good friend Matt Williams asked me to take part in a special episode of his podcast the Wild Voices Project, recording my thoughts on a host of different issues alongside another good mutual friend, conservationist and mammal specialist, Pete Cooper. I’m a big fan of Matt’s podcast, was thrilled toContinue reading “Wild Voices Podcast – Biodiversity & Beer (with me, Pete Cooper and Matt Williams)”

The Next Generation of farmers and naturalists talking together

Fifteen months ago an idea came into my head. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if some of the young farmers and conservationists who are just starting out in their careers could come together at an event to learn from each other, talk with each other and build connections. After all, as individual organisations and networks YoungContinue reading “The Next Generation of farmers and naturalists talking together”


At the Birdfair in 2016 a plan for an event was formed and tomorrow it will finally become reality. For the first time members of the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs and A Focus on Nature, the UK youth conservation network, will come together to learn about conservation on farmland today and discuss theContinue reading “#farmenviro30”

My Vision for Nature (and Farming)

This post was written for the ‘Vision for Nature’ Campaign being run by ‘A Focus on Nature‘, the principal network for young conservationists in the UK. The original can be found on the AFON website. For me, improving the state of nature goes hand in hand with improving land management techniques and engaging with the farmingContinue reading “My Vision for Nature (and Farming)”