Wild Voices Podcast – Biodiversity & Beer (with me, Pete Cooper and Matt Williams)

A few weeks ago my good friend Matt Williams asked me to take part in a special episode of his podcast the Wild Voices Project, recording my thoughts on a host of different issues alongside another good mutual friend, conservationist and mammal specialist, Pete Cooper. I’m a big fan of Matt’s podcast, was thrilled to be asked and highly recommend that you give the podcast a browse. In short it tells the stories of the people saving nature, and Matt has already spoken to some really high-profile figures including Satish Kumar, Dame Fiona Reynolds, Melissa Harrison and Stephen Moss. Each episode is about an hour-long (the latest episode is about an hour and a half), much longer than Meet the Farmers, but I understand why Matt’s decided to do this as it does let conversations flow and develop without the need for heavy editing or time pressure. I hope you’ll give it a listen and forgive me for any long pauses, slurring or skewed comments – I had just driven for several hours, been stuck in traffic and there were beers on the table!

I should also put in a mention for Pete’s (relatively new) podcast – What is Rewilding Anyway? . Here’s the link to the first episode with ecologist Derek Gow.

To listen to Wild Voices: Biodiversity and Beer click here.

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