‘Meet the Farmers’ – episode 26 – Teleri Fielden

I’m really excited to introduce this special podcast episode to you which was produced in collaboration with Matt Williams and the Wild Voices Project podcast. We visited Teleri Fielden (@TeleriFielden), a first generation farmer, who won a Wales Young Farmers Clubs and National Trust scholarship to run a farm in north west Wales for threeContinue reading “‘Meet the Farmers’ – episode 26 – Teleri Fielden”

Joe Harkness, Bird Therapy and the Wild Voices Project

I may have mentioned the Wild Voices Project before. It’s a podcast run by Matt Williams that profiles people who connect with the natural world in some way (tagline: the stories of the people saving nature), and it makes for some wonderful listening. Matt’s approach is informal yet gritty and his lengthy episodes unravel slowly,Continue reading “Joe Harkness, Bird Therapy and the Wild Voices Project”

Wild Voices Podcast – Biodiversity & Beer (with me, Pete Cooper and Matt Williams)

A few weeks ago my good friend Matt Williams asked me to take part in a special episode of his podcast the Wild Voices Project, recording my thoughts on a host of different issues alongside another good mutual friend, conservationist and mammal specialist, Pete Cooper. I’m a big fan of Matt’s podcast, was thrilled toContinue reading “Wild Voices Podcast – Biodiversity & Beer (with me, Pete Cooper and Matt Williams)”