Joe Harkness, Bird Therapy and the Wild Voices Project

I may have mentioned the Wild Voices Project before. It’s a podcast run by Matt Williams that profiles people who connect with the natural world in some way (tagline: the stories of the people saving nature), and it makes for some wonderful listening. Matt’s approach is informal yet gritty and his lengthy episodes unravel slowly, enabling a real connection to develop between listener and interviewee. This was certainly the case I found in his latest episode, with Joe Harkness, who blogs about bird therapy. Joe is incredibly open about his mental health past and present, something that is (as Matt points out) still disappointingly rare, despite the subject gaining a more conspicuous profile more generally. He is also writing a book on the subject (A personal, passionate and practical guide to the mental health benefits of bird watching), which he has crowdfunded through Unbound.  I was thrilled to read in his latest blog post that he has reached his crowdfunding target and so the book will be published (the crowdfunding page will continue to be open to donations though if you are interested in donating).

To read the podcast episode featuring Joe click here.

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