17 Blogs and Podcasts to follow in 2019

With the year drawing to a close I thought I would highlight some blogs and podcasts that I highly recommend you check out in 2019. Whilst certainly growing, it is clear that nature, conservation, farming and countryside blogs are still one of the smaller niches within the wider blogosphere but there is some brilliant contentContinue reading “17 Blogs and Podcasts to follow in 2019”

ThinkingCountry nominated in the UK Blog Awards 2019

I’m thrilled that Thinking Country has been nominated for the latest round of the UK Blog Awards. It’s a marker of your support and I want to thank each and every one of you, my readers on thinkingcountry and listeners to Meet the Farmers for supporting the blog and podcast. It is simply a pleasureContinue reading “ThinkingCountry nominated in the UK Blog Awards 2019”

Social media: a new farming story

I have an odd relationship with my social media accounts (for the record I use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as WordPress). At times I will use all of them regularly, reaching out to people from all walks of life, engaging in conversations, ‘liking’ endless streams of posts and updating my ‘story’ with myContinue reading “Social media: a new farming story”

Feedspot’s list of blogs and websites worth visiting in 2018

Last week I was honoured to hear that I had been placed on Feedspot’s list of ‘top 75 sustainability blogs and websites to follow in 2018‘ (coming in at 48). The list (along with with the ‘nature’ and ‘environmental’ lists) attracted my attention to several blogs that are really worth visiting. Some of these include:Continue reading “Feedspot’s list of blogs and websites worth visiting in 2018”

Joe Harkness, Bird Therapy and the Wild Voices Project

I may have mentioned the Wild Voices Project before. It’s a podcast run by Matt Williams that profiles people who connect with the natural world in some way (tagline: the stories of the people saving nature), and it makes for some wonderful listening. Matt’s approach is informal yet gritty and his lengthy episodes unravel slowly,Continue reading “Joe Harkness, Bird Therapy and the Wild Voices Project”