Official Launch of Eat Farm Now!

Today is the official launch day of Eat Farm Now, an exciting new digital platform for all things food and farming. I’m proud to be contributing to the site alongside numerous other driven and talented individuals involved in the food and farming communications world. In short the site compiles the very best of podcasts, blogContinue reading “Official Launch of Eat Farm Now!”

#Februdairy ‘diary’ Cheese Challenge

All of this month an informal campaign called ‘Februdairy’ has been launched to support all things dairy. It leads on from another very successful ‘Veganuary’. As part of the campaign my brother Sam and I are undertaking a ‘cheese challenge’, sampling one cheese each day of the month. So far we have tried Fosseway FleeceContinue reading “#Februdairy ‘diary’ Cheese Challenge”

ThinkingCountry nominated in the UK Blog Awards 2019

I’m thrilled that Thinking Country has been nominated for the latest round of the UK Blog Awards. It’s a marker of your support and I want to thank each and every one of you, my readers on thinkingcountry and listeners to Meet the Farmers for supporting the blog and podcast. It is simply a pleasureContinue reading “ThinkingCountry nominated in the UK Blog Awards 2019”

Social media: a new farming story

I have an odd relationship with my social media accounts (for the record I use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as WordPress). At times I will use all of them regularly, reaching out to people from all walks of life, engaging in conversations, ‘liking’ endless streams of posts and updating my ‘story’ with myContinue reading “Social media: a new farming story”

Good to see #FarmerMentalHealth in the farming news again

Those of you who are regular readers of the blog will know that a few months ago I profiled rural mental health, as part of a wider campaign to get people talking about the subject (#FarmerMentalHealth on twitter). I did this mainly to get the subject in the spotlight again after the conversation had dissipatedContinue reading “Good to see #FarmerMentalHealth in the farming news again”