Official Launch of Eat Farm Now!

Today is the official launch day of Eat Farm Now, an exciting new digital platform for all things food and farming. I’m proud to be contributing to the site alongside numerous other driven and talented individuals involved in the food and farming communications world. In short the site compiles the very best of podcasts, blog posts and videos from around the world made by people actively involved in food and farming, from chefs to farmers and journalists and food writers to community group members. You may find some familiar faces on there if you already know a bit about the food and farming digital world but excitingly you will almost certainly also find new podcasters, vloggers and bloggers to check out from now on and be able to read some of their content on the site. What’s more, you can always sign up as a contributor yourself to show your content off to the world.

Founded by farmer and Rock and Roll Farming podcaster Will Evans and consultant and founder of the @FarmersOfTheUK twitter account Simon Haley Eat Farm Now is sure to make a splash in the digital food world. I’ll certainly be making an effort to upload lots of my content to the platform. Please do of course keep visiting your favourite individual sites but also use EatFarmNow as a hub to check out new content.

You can find Eat Farm Now right now on twitter, facebook and Instagram @eatfarmnow

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