Social media: a new farming story

I have an odd relationship with my social media accounts (for the record I use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as WordPress). At times I will use all of them regularly, reaching out to people from all walks of life, engaging in conversations, ‘liking’ endless streams of posts and updating my ‘story’ with myContinue reading “Social media: a new farming story”

‘Health, Beauty and Permanence’ – Reflections on Michael Gove’s NFU Conference speech

I haven’t made it to the NFU Conference this year, but thanks to the wonders of youtube I was at least able to catch outgoing NFU President Meurig Raymond’s speech and Defra Secretary Michael Gove’s speech (thanks @NFUtube!). You can of course read the full speech from the Secretary of State here. Here is a briefContinue reading “‘Health, Beauty and Permanence’ – Reflections on Michael Gove’s NFU Conference speech”

Why such interest in the soil?

Bloggers can become slightly obsessed by statistics. For me they help to give you an idea of the kinds of topics that readers are interested in and it’s always nice to know that more people are reading your work, but it stops at that. However, something I have found of great interest by looking atContinue reading “Why such interest in the soil?”

The problem with being an Environment Blogger

Today, blogs are a huge part of our online experience and many of us interact with them on a daily basis. Some of us might choose to write our own blog, others contribute to them and most of us will regularly read one or more (several in my case) blog posts each day. Some bloggersContinue reading “The problem with being an Environment Blogger”