Photography in the Countryside (Rural Photography) – Guest post by Max Therry

Exploring the countryside can bring some truly fantastic photographic opportunities. Rural settings are bursting with life, natural features and an explosion of vibrant colour. If you enjoy photography, consider heading out into the great outdoors and letting the countryside inspire you! Whilst urban landscapes and cities provide uniformity and harsh lines; the countryside can provideContinue reading “Photography in the Countryside (Rural Photography) – Guest post by Max Therry”

Rewilding – still learning

It’s now a few years since I came across the concept of ‘rewilding’ and read George Monbiot’s Feral, far from the first book to tackle the subject, but perhaps the one that holds the crown for popularising it to such an extent and garnering a more established ‘movement’ of rewilding within conservation circles. Over that same periodContinue reading “Rewilding – still learning”

Northey Island

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep. This was the sound that greeted us. Maldon’s recycling centre was a hive of activity as we walked past; perhaps an unlikely gateway to one of Essex’s hidden gems, but this is the juxtaposed reality of this oh so maligned of counties.  Essex is a gloriously diverse county, and I amContinue reading “Northey Island”

Bee biodiversity for better human well-being – Guest Post by Marvin Delany

N.b Image by David Dewitt (See here for more information) The UN conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm in 1972 raised awareness of the negative effects of industrial development on agriculture. Standardization of production systems damages the genetic heritage of a number of species.  One of the most endangered species is the darkContinue reading “Bee biodiversity for better human well-being – Guest Post by Marvin Delany”

In defence of farmers

Some of you might have read the ‘Dairy is Scary‘ piece published in the Guardian’s opinion section last week. It was incredibly polarising and quite understandably angered many, including myself. There are always two sides to every coin and good journalism should I feel take both into account. I understand that this was an opinionContinue reading “In defence of farmers”