Why is more clarity needed from Defra?

The Brexit referendum in June 2016 triggered a wholesale change, including in the way that Britain sees itself as a country, as well as practical ‘differences’ in the way we live and work. Change in farming and environmental policy was one of these intended changes and over the past five years Defra has worked toContinue reading “Why is more clarity needed from Defra?”

Is countryside stewardship bad for wildlife?

Anybody who has had to trawl through the new countryside stewardship package, as I have this last fortnight, will know quite how much of a task it is. Hundreds of pages of options are available, which has good and bad sides to it. Fundamentally I think it is an effective package, enabling most possibilities inContinue reading “Is countryside stewardship bad for wildlife?”

A New Common Agricultural Policy for Europe

I have written before on the prospect of a new CAP for a new era of farming in Europe. The proposed changes were actually published about 6 weeks ago but it has taken a bit of time to sift through everything and really look at who wins and who loses out of this new approach.Continue reading “A New Common Agricultural Policy for Europe”