Wild Justice, Natural England and this week’s Shooting License Fiasco

If you live in the UK and take any interest in the news at all then you are probably aware that last Thursday Natural England revoked the general licenses (GL04,05 and 06) that allowed anyone to shoot 16 different species* of bird including several members of the crow family, pigeons and some gulls. The useContinue reading “Wild Justice, Natural England and this week’s Shooting License Fiasco”

Countryside Stewardship Application Accepted!

It was with great relief when I opened the envelope from Natural England and read that the farm’s application for a new higher tier countryside stewardship scheme has been successful. It will begin in January next year and go through until December 2022. For our farm, conservation management is not only important for the wildlifeContinue reading “Countryside Stewardship Application Accepted!”

Is countryside stewardship bad for wildlife?

Anybody who has had to trawl through the new countryside stewardship package, as I have this last fortnight, will know quite how much of a task it is. Hundreds of pages of options are available, which has good and bad sides to it. Fundamentally I think it is an effective package, enabling most possibilities inContinue reading “Is countryside stewardship bad for wildlife?”

Conservation 21: the ‘new’ conservation strategy for the 21st century

Last month, Natural England published their new strategy (available here). In essence, many of the things included within it have been said before, either by them or by the environmental NGOs. However, it comes as a breath of fresh air to see everything in a single NE document, and one that gives us a clueContinue reading “Conservation 21: the ‘new’ conservation strategy for the 21st century”