How crucial are direct payments for farmers?

In a recent policy document the NFU has suggested that continuing direct payments (at least in the short-term) in a new British Agricultural Policy will be crucial to help farm businesses deal with volatility. Before I read the report I must admit that I had become convinced that withdrawing as much support as possible isContinue reading “How crucial are direct payments for farmers?”

Subsidies…dare we predict the future?

If you type in the phrase ‘farm subsidies’ into any search engine news feed you will find multiple references to the super rich receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds in subsidy for simply owning land. Under our current format of payments, driven by the Common Agricultural Policy, landowners receive payments for being just that, landowners. TheContinue reading “Subsidies…dare we predict the future?”

What is High Nature Value Farming and why should we support it?

Recently I came across High Nature Value farming (HNV) as an ‘alternative’ approach to looking at the food and environmental sustainability debate. The more I have read the more embarrassed I feel to not have heard about it before. In fact, it has deep roots as an idea and has been European policy for someContinue reading “What is High Nature Value Farming and why should we support it?”

French Agriculture and the 51st Salon de l’Agriculture

This year is the International Year of Family Farming, a UN scheme that aims to ‘raise the profile of family farming and smallholder farming by focusing world attention on its significant role in eradicating hunger and poverty, providing food security and nutrition, improving livelihoods, managing natural resources, protecting the environment, and achieving sustainable development, in particularContinue reading “French Agriculture and the 51st Salon de l’Agriculture”

Some thoughts on CAP modulation

Anyone who keeps up to date with farming news will be well aware that the figures for the extent of modulation from Pillar 1 to Pillar 2 payments under the reformed Common Agricultural Policy have been published. I have listened, as a relative bystander, with some interest, to the various opinions voiced on this matter,Continue reading “Some thoughts on CAP modulation”