A New Common Agricultural Policy for Europe

I have written before on the prospect of a new CAP for a new era of farming in Europe. The proposed changes were actually published about 6 weeks ago but it has taken a bit of time to sift through everything and really look at who wins and who loses out of this new approach.Continue reading “A New Common Agricultural Policy for Europe”

The Winter from Hell for British Stockmen

I have just returned from a couple of weeks spent lambing up in the Scottish Borders – this is mainly why there have not been any fresh blog articles for a while for which I apologise. I shared for a little bit in the worries and hard graft that sheep farmers go through at lambingContinue reading “The Winter from Hell for British Stockmen”

Reaction to European Multi-Annual Financial Framework discussions

Reaction to European Multi-Annual Financial Framework discussions In the video at the bottom of this link page (Farmers weekly online – please click the title of this post to access the page) Italian MEP Paolo De Castro, Chair of the European Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development reacts to the EU leaders tabling the figuresContinue reading “Reaction to European Multi-Annual Financial Framework discussions”

Why do we need a European Common Agricultural Policy anyway?

As many readers will be aware, the Common Agricultural Policy, which makes up a significant amount of European spending, is due to be reformed in the wake of ‘Europe 2020’ (http://ec.europa.eu/europe2020/index_en.htm). Between April and June 2010 a public debate was held which gathered a multiplicity of views on the future of the CAP. The resultsContinue reading “Why do we need a European Common Agricultural Policy anyway?”