Update on Bovine TB and the UK Badger Cull

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson (shown above) has described Bovine TB as ‘the most pressing animal health problem facing this country’. It has led to the slaughter of more than 28,000 cattle in England in the last year at a cost to the taxpayer of nearly £100 million and it will cost an estimated £1 billionContinue reading “Update on Bovine TB and the UK Badger Cull”

Reaction to European Multi-Annual Financial Framework discussions

Reaction to European Multi-Annual Financial Framework discussions In the video at the bottom of this link page (Farmers weekly online – please click the title of this post to access the page) Italian MEP Paolo De Castro, Chair of the European Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development reacts to the EU leaders tabling the figuresContinue reading “Reaction to European Multi-Annual Financial Framework discussions”

UK Future of Farming Review

I have just been sent a link through to the below from DEFRA. In their words ‘the Future of Farming Review is an industry led initiative, in partnership with Government, that aims to assess the workforce that will be needed by a sustainable, productive and resilient agriculture sector now and in the future.’ The form can beContinue reading “UK Future of Farming Review”

The continuing horsemeat saga

In a recent article in the UK newspaper, the Independent, it has been claimed that ministers have known from as long ago as 2011 that horsemeat may have been entering the UK foodchain. ‘John Young, a former manager at the Meat Hygiene Service, which is now part of the Food Standards Agency (FSA), said heContinue reading “The continuing horsemeat saga”