Owen Paterson speaks out as being pro GM

‘GM a safe, proven and beneficial innovation’? I wonder if the secretary of State, who is meant to be representing my interests, is really speaking for the best interests of the British and European public here or is he speaking for a multinational industry determined to push into Europe? Where is the evidence that farmersContinue reading “Owen Paterson speaks out as being pro GM”

Update on Bovine TB and the UK Badger Cull

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson (shown above) has described Bovine TB as ‘the most pressing animal health problem facing this country’. It has led to the slaughter of more than 28,000 cattle in England in the last year at a cost to the taxpayer of nearly £100 million and it will cost an estimated £1 billionContinue reading “Update on Bovine TB and the UK Badger Cull”