‘Meet the Farmers’ – episode 24 – John Pawsey

Episode 24 of Meet the Farmers features Suffolk arable and sheep farmer John Pawsey (@hanslope on twitter). John is well known in the farming world for being innovative and his organic mixed farming system is testimony to this, combining the very best of new and traditional knowledge. He is also an accomplished musician, as youContinue reading “‘Meet the Farmers’ – episode 24 – John Pawsey”

‘Meet the Farmers’ episode 22 – George Young

Episode 22 features George Young, an arable farmer based in south Essex. George worked in banking before returning to his family’s farm in his late twenties. He has an eye for doing something that’s a bit different and is currently growing buckwheat and lentils, among other projects. He also thinks that farmers should be thankfulContinue reading “‘Meet the Farmers’ episode 22 – George Young”

Woodland Trust event calls for farmers to respond to Defra Command Paper

Last week I attended an event organised by the Woodland Trust and hosted by Stephen Briggs at his farm in Cambridgeshire. The aim of the afternoon was partly to introduce farmers to the potential for using agroforestry on their farms, partly to discuss the Defra ‘Health and Harmony’ consultation document and partly to encourage delegatesContinue reading “Woodland Trust event calls for farmers to respond to Defra Command Paper”