‘Meet the Farmers’ Episode 5. Luke Hasell and Herons Green Farm

Luke HaseLuke Hasell farms beef cattle in the Chew Valley of North Somerset. I spoke to him in the farmhouse at Herons Green Farm about how he got into farming, about CSAs, regulation, pasture fed beef, conservation and much more. Luke wasn’t always a farmer and originally trained as an engineer, working for Kier Group asContinue reading “‘Meet the Farmers’ Episode 5. Luke Hasell and Herons Green Farm”

Sunday in Somerset

This afternoon I was fortunate to spend some time with prolific author Stephen Moss and fellow AFON committee member Matt Williams, exploring an area of Somerset I had not previously thought of visiting: immediately south of Burnham on Sea. ”What’s different?” Stephen asked Matt and I as we set out along the grassy wall. HisContinue reading “Sunday in Somerset”

Farming Today and the Floods

Farming Today and the Floods Farming Today this week follows the tragic story of the farmers, the floods and the Levels. Really worth a listen to understand the people (and animal) situation more acutely. This is an absolute disaster for these farmers. Animals are stressed, crops are drowned, people are homeless and there is noContinue reading “Farming Today and the Floods”

Flooding continues on the Levels

The Somerset Levels have now been under water for weeks. In fact, it is difficult to remember a time when one did not turn on the UK news to be confronted with images of villagers traveling from place to place by boat, livestock stranded on the few ‘high’ areas of farms and, more than anything,Continue reading “Flooding continues on the Levels”