‘Meet the Farmers’ Episode 5. Luke Hasell and Herons Green Farm

Luke HaseLuke Hasell farms beef cattle in the Chew Valley of North Somerset. I spoke to him in the farmhouse at Herons Green Farm about how he got into farming, about CSAs, regulation, pasture fed beef, conservation and much more. Luke wasn’t always a farmer and originally trained as an engineer, working for Kier Group asContinue reading “‘Meet the Farmers’ Episode 5. Luke Hasell and Herons Green Farm”

Book Review: ‘The Dirty Life’ by Kristin Kimball

When you set out in your early adult life it is tempting to establish goals or to second guess the direction in which your life might head. It seems that, for my generation, we expect or are expected to be high achievers in every ‘area’ of life – career, relationships and gaining that apparently ohContinue reading “Book Review: ‘The Dirty Life’ by Kristin Kimball”