Rural Coalition Statement 2017

You may not have heard of it, but ‘The Rural Coalition’ recently published its 2017 statement, outlining the policy priorities and actions that it thinks will be required to sail rural communities through Brexit and beyond in a safe and secure (as opposed to strong and stable) manner. The Rural Coalition is exactly what itContinue reading “Rural Coalition Statement 2017”

Housing, Neighbourhood Planning and Compulsory Purchase

Legalities regarding planning and compulsory purchase don’t usually inspire a will to read on, but bear with me, as planning can fundamentally affect our lives, our communities and the countryside and any changes to it are worth taking note of. A couple of weeks ago, on 10th October, the Neighbourhood Planning Bill received its second readingContinue reading “Housing, Neighbourhood Planning and Compulsory Purchase”

British Government begins discussions for a 25 year plan for food and farming

Earlier this week the UK Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary, Liz Truss, kick started discussions that will begin to work towards a ‘25 year plan for food and farming‘. This is a highly ambitious project and was one of the key food and farming pledges in the Conservative Party’s manifesto. It will bring togetherContinue reading “British Government begins discussions for a 25 year plan for food and farming”

Concreting over our National Parks

I admit that the title to this post is somewhat over the top but it is the vision that springs to the minds of many people I have spoken to about UK Environment Secretary Owen Paterson’s plans to increase development in England’s ten National Parks including the Lake District, the Peak District and Dartmoor. NowContinue reading “Concreting over our National Parks”

The Rise of Solar Farming

Recently I learned of a new 60 acre solar development planned for the outskirts of the village I live in. It came as a bit of a shock since there was little (if any!) consultation with the community towards whom the development will have a great effect. Now, on the whole I am a strongContinue reading “The Rise of Solar Farming”