Guest Post – ‘Choosing the Right Power Saw for the Right Job’ – by Brandon Smith

Google “types of saws” and you’ll be peppered with more saws than you could ever hope to have in your personal shop.  This is because for many very specific jobs a saw has been created that perfects that singular task so if you’re doing a project, it may help to go out and add aContinue reading “Guest Post – ‘Choosing the Right Power Saw for the Right Job’ – by Brandon Smith”

Concreting over our National Parks

I admit that the title to this post is somewhat over the top but it is the vision that springs to the minds of many people I have spoken to about UK Environment Secretary Owen Paterson’s plans to increase development in England’s ten National Parks including the Lake District, the Peak District and Dartmoor. NowContinue reading “Concreting over our National Parks”

Dry Stone Walling – the world’s most difficult jigsaw puzzle

Earlier today I traveled to Dolebury Warren in North Somerset with Bristol University Conservation Group. The purpose of the trip (the group’s final trip of the academic year) was to rebuild a section of wall to provide habitat for various plants and invertebrate species as well as create a new boundary wall for an incomingContinue reading “Dry Stone Walling – the world’s most difficult jigsaw puzzle”