British Government begins discussions for a 25 year plan for food and farming

Earlier this week the UK Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary, Liz Truss, kick started discussions that will begin to work towards a ‘25 year plan for food and farming‘. This is a highly ambitious project and was one of the key food and farming pledges in the Conservative Party’s manifesto. It will bring togetherContinue reading “British Government begins discussions for a 25 year plan for food and farming”

Can we make nature exciting?

This post was my first to be published at activisionary, a new independent group focusing upon environmental writing within which I am volunteering as an environmental journalist. Take a look at their site and my first article here. The automatic response to the posing of the above question may be one of disbelief for mostContinue reading “Can we make nature exciting?”

University status for Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester

Yesterday, the Royal Agricultural College declared that, following the announcement by the Minister for Higher Education extending the use of the title of ‘university’ to higher education institutions with more than a thousand students, it will be applying to the Privy Council for University status and will hence become the ‘Royal Agricultural University’. The Royal AgriculturalContinue reading “University status for Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester”

Social Networking: The New Frontier for Rural Businesses

Having recently become an ‘active’ user of twitter and LinkedIn and having been a very active user of facebook for some time, I have been thinking as to what real benefits such online platforms provide for rural businesses. Without mobile broadband across many rural areas businesses are unlikely to be able to use social networkingContinue reading “Social Networking: The New Frontier for Rural Businesses”