Meet the Farmers – episode 48 – Andy Dibben and Kate Yells

This is the first in a series of trips on Meet the Farmers to farms in the Cotswolds, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and north Wales. Back in September and early October I went on a podcast road trip meeting farmers along the way. Abbey Home Farm in Cirencester was my first stop and I was shown aroundContinue reading “Meet the Farmers – episode 48 – Andy Dibben and Kate Yells”

‘Meet the Farmers’ – episode 18 – Matt Naylor

I’ve been conscious that Meet the Farmers has been somewhat south and east focused so far, so last week I set off on a road trip to south east Scotland (including the Highland Show), stopping off at farms along the way. On the first day I called by flower grower Matt Naylor’s place in Lincolnshire.Continue reading “‘Meet the Farmers’ – episode 18 – Matt Naylor”

Meet the Farmers Goes North

Hello all and welcome to the new week. Wishing you all a happy and successful one whatever you are up to. I’m about to jump in the car and head off on my first ever road trip for Meet the Farmers. It’ll be focused mostly around south east Scotland but my first stop today willContinue reading “Meet the Farmers Goes North”