Redcurrant and lemon cake with redcurrant syrup

August’s recipe from Thinkingcountry’s resident seasonal recipe writer, Holly Betts. In early August I went home to Scotland and found that this year our redcurrant bushes had produced a glut of berries! Redcurrants are just sweet enough that you can eat them on their own but they are quite seedy and so very nice addedContinue reading “Redcurrant and lemon cake with redcurrant syrup”

Sea Buckthorn

Unless you know me personally you have probably never heard of sea buckthorn, although you may have seen it growing on the coast. It has a bright orange berry and silvery green coloured leaves and it is renowned for its health benefits. It is far more popular in Europe, as well as in Russia andContinue reading “Sea Buckthorn”