Book Review – ‘Connecting With Life’ by Martin Summer

Connecting with Life can be read either cover to cover, as it is eminently readable, or used as a handbook for rekindling one’s relationship with the natural world, to be kept on the shelf but dipped into now and then when you need a natural boost of encouragement to get outdoors. Summer’s debut book isContinue reading “Book Review – ‘Connecting With Life’ by Martin Summer”

Book Review – A Farmer’s Diary: A Year at High House Farm – by Sally Urwin

It is relatively rare that you find yourself reading a book whilst actively doing the things contained within its pages. I am currently in the middle of the lambing period on our Essex coastal farm. A round the clock watch is kept on our ewes and lambs: feeding, watering, bedding up and assisting mothers. TheContinue reading “Book Review – A Farmer’s Diary: A Year at High House Farm – by Sally Urwin”

Book Review: Food You Can Forage, by Tiffany Francis

N.b. This review was originally published in New Nature Magazine (June 2018 issue). Have you ever wondered what sweet cicely or bog myrtle taste like? If so then this book could be one for you. Beautifully illustrated and helpfully structured by habitat Food You Can Forage would sit well on the bookshelf or coffee table ofContinue reading “Book Review: Food You Can Forage, by Tiffany Francis”