BTO Wetland Bird Survey – February

A dodgy knee meant that I wasn’t able to join the local survey at the Naze last weekend, but for the purposes of the count, here were the results (18th February 2018): Grey Lag 7 Brent Goose 42 Canada Goose 2 Mallard 10 Wigeon c.20 Teal 28 Shoveler 30 Shelduck 5 Little Egret 1 LapwingContinue reading “BTO Wetland Bird Survey – February”

Little auk at the Naze (wild Essex)

We kept our heads down as we battled the wind on our way up to Stone Point, albeit occasionally stopping to gaze through binoculars at passing curlew or oystercatcher in flight or little sanderling running about on the beachline, joined in their never-ending task by chestnutty turnstone. The walk to the Stone is one thatContinue reading “Little auk at the Naze (wild Essex)”

Reflecting on Big Questions through Local Places

On Monday I spoke to two groups about my book and the Tendring area of Essex at the Frinton Literary Festival. The Festival has been held since 2002, when it was founded by local literature enthusiast Philomena Dwyer, and is a wonderfully diverse yet compact celebration of the written word. Previous speakers have included SantaContinue reading “Reflecting on Big Questions through Local Places”