Little auk at the Naze (wild Essex)

We kept our heads down as we battled the wind on our way up to Stone Point, albeit occasionally stopping to gaze through binoculars at passing curlew or oystercatcher in flight or little sanderling running about on the beachline, joined in their never-ending task by chestnutty turnstone. The walk to the Stone is one thatContinue reading “Little auk at the Naze (wild Essex)”

Blue cheese and squash pasta bake with mushrooms and kale

I’m very excited to be publishing Holly’s seasonal recipe for October. When I made this particular dish a few days ago I added lots of blue cheese, but I’d advise there’s no need to add it if you don’t like it. This recipe works just as well if you use a different cheese. Enjoy it!Continue reading “Blue cheese and squash pasta bake with mushrooms and kale”