BTO Wetland Bird Survey – February

A dodgy knee meant that I wasn’t able to join the local survey at the Naze last weekend, but for the purposes of the count, here were the results (18th February 2018): Grey Lag 7 Brent Goose 42 Canada Goose 2 Mallard 10 Wigeon c.20 Teal 28 Shoveler 30 Shelduck 5 Little Egret 1 LapwingContinue reading “BTO Wetland Bird Survey – February”

BTO Wetland Bird Survey January

At the end of last year I began volunteering alongside a local birder for the monthly BTO wetland bird survey. Our patch, which runs around our farm at the Naze, covers a roughly 7 mile walk around the peninsula, trekking firstly up the beach alongside the salt marsh towards Stone Point and then back toContinue reading “BTO Wetland Bird Survey January”