‘Meet the Farmers’ – episode 18 – Matt Naylor

I’ve been conscious that Meet the Farmers has been somewhat south and east focused so far, so last week I set off on a road trip to south east Scotland (including the Highland Show), stopping off at farms along the way. On the first day I called by flower grower Matt Naylor’s place in Lincolnshire.Continue reading “‘Meet the Farmers’ – episode 18 – Matt Naylor”

A new year and another Oxford Trip

Happy new year to you all! I hope that your celebrations, no matter where you were in the world on New Year’s Eve, were full of hope and joy to welcome the new year in. The turning of the year is always an opportunity to reframe things in your mind, set plans for the yearContinue reading “A new year and another Oxford Trip”

”No deal would be a very bad deal indeed”: some words on Brexit and Farmers.

Last week the inaugural Henry Plumb Lecture took place at the Royal Society in London, during which Ivan Rogers, the former UK permanent representative to the European Union, spoke to farm leaders and other farming sector representatives about the negotiations and life after Brexit. To say that his words didn’t foster much optimism is theContinue reading “”No deal would be a very bad deal indeed”: some words on Brexit and Farmers.”

How crucial are direct payments for farmers?

In a recent policy document the NFU has suggested that continuing direct payments (at least in the short-term) in a new British Agricultural Policy will be crucial to help farm businesses deal with volatility. Before I read the report I must admit that I had become convinced that withdrawing as much support as possible isContinue reading “How crucial are direct payments for farmers?”

A trip to the capital

Despite living just 80 miles from central London I rarely make it down to the capital. When I do I tend to pack a lot in. With the price of train tickets today you need to make the most of it! It’s an opportunity to meet friends and touch base with contacts as well asContinue reading “A trip to the capital”