Book Review: ‘A Sweet Wild Note’ by Richard Smyth

When I turned the pages of this book for the first time, as when I open any new book, I couldn’t help but smell that gloriously comforting and inviting aroma of freshly published manuscript. All pages have their own smell, but it is something that few of us truly appreciate. Similarly, all landscapes have theirContinue reading “Book Review: ‘A Sweet Wild Note’ by Richard Smyth”

A visit to the Pliocene Forest

Earlier today I travelled up to Sutton in Suffolk to visit ‘the Pliocene Forest’, a project managed by GeoSuffolk. We are exploring options for ecotourism on the farm and with our own Pliocene/Pleistocene heritage, Sutton seemed like an interesting model. We were met by Barry, who runs the site with a team of loyal volunteers.Continue reading “A visit to the Pliocene Forest”

The day article 50 was triggered

A token post to mark a momentous day in British and European history (I’ll draw the line at saying world history so as not to inflate British sense of self-importance). At 12.30 today Theresa May will officially trigger Article 50, launching two years of incredibly complex negotiations that will decide the future relationship between BritainContinue reading “The day article 50 was triggered”

Question Time last night: ‘Britain after Brexit’

I am a regular watcher of the BBC’s Question Time, although I should probably stay away for the sake of my blood pressure. Yesterday evening a special ‘Britain after Brexit’ episode was broadcast, during which an audience which was divided as the country was at the referendum (roughly 52:48) posed questions to a panel composed ofContinue reading “Question Time last night: ‘Britain after Brexit’”