Fresh Water availability – a looming crisis for this century?

Provision of fresh water is one of the key basic needs for a growing world population. There is much discussion in many circles about food security and how best to provide enough food for a future human population vastly bigger than today. However, to what extent is the concern regarding water provision held up onContinue reading “Fresh Water availability – a looming crisis for this century?”

Nature writing, John Clare and a case for conserving the everyday

When I speak to conservationists more often than not the conversation will turn to interests in specific species and this will probably include a discussion of their interest in a particularly rare species. A prominent example in my own local area is a project to conserve populations of Fisher’s Estuarine Moth (Gortyna borelii lunata) andContinue reading “Nature writing, John Clare and a case for conserving the everyday”

The Sustainability Experiment

This article was written for InterMission online magazine and is about living a sustainable life as a student. I like to think that I am a pretty environmentally conscious person. I recycle, volunteer with the university conservation group, am an active supporter of organic farming methods, walk to and from uni (and everywhere in Bristol comeContinue reading “The Sustainability Experiment”

Agroecology – a third way?

In farming, as in every other way of life, we have made a critical mistake. It is a mistake of language, assigning linguistic labels to denote ‘methods’ of agriculture and thus discouraging innovation and radical thinking. We can point to and fairly accurately describe ‘conventional’, ‘organic’, ‘biodynamic’, ‘integrated’, ‘intensive’ or ‘extensive’ ‘types’ of farming alongContinue reading “Agroecology – a third way?”

Dry Stone Walling – the world’s most difficult jigsaw puzzle

Earlier today I traveled to Dolebury Warren in North Somerset with Bristol University Conservation Group. The purpose of the trip (the group’s final trip of the academic year) was to rebuild a section of wall to provide habitat for various plants and invertebrate species as well as create a new boundary wall for an incomingContinue reading “Dry Stone Walling – the world’s most difficult jigsaw puzzle”