5 ways to be a more eco-minded tea drinker

Like most British people I drink tea; a lot of tea. In fact, I have a full cup of tea on my desk right now as I type this post. Elsewhere on the desk sit three additional mugs, now empty but contained tea not so long ago. Taking tea is a basic part of ourContinue reading “5 ways to be a more eco-minded tea drinker”

Mrs May – Please Stand up to Trump on Climate Change

Today Theresa May will be the first leader to meet Donald Trump since his inauguration as President last week. It is perhaps inevitable that the subject of energy policy will be discussed and, with this, global climate change policy. Mrs May has a duty not only on behalf of British people but on behalf ofContinue reading “Mrs May – Please Stand up to Trump on Climate Change”

Trump’s first 100 days- climate and environment

Before he was elected, Trump released an action plan for his first 100 days in the White House. They make a concerning read, for many reasons, and it will be up to the rest of the political system to provide the checks and balances to ensure radicalism does not prevail. We live in a postContinue reading “Trump’s first 100 days- climate and environment”

Trump (otherwise known as the end of the American natural environment)

I woke this morning expecting to look at the election results and see Clinton with a comfortable lead. Instead, I was met with my heart falling to my feet, and staying there, as I was presented with the results as they were at that moment: Trump edging ahead with 48.9% against Hillary’s 47.6%. When translatedContinue reading “Trump (otherwise known as the end of the American natural environment)”

The Future of Our Food

The Bristol Food Connections Festival is currently in the city and remains here for another 10 days or so. As part of the festival the BBC are hosting a series of live shows where members of the public can come to participate in various ways. For example, on Saturday I attended the first ever audienceContinue reading “The Future of Our Food”