Book Review: ‘Love of Country: A Hebridean Journey’ by Madeleine Bunting

‘’Many people travel in search of the exotic and the unfamiliar. I was travelling in search of home, in the hope of knowing and understanding where I could call home.’’ Love of Country tells the story of several journeys made by Madeleine Bunting to the islands off the west coast of Scotland, known as theContinue reading “Book Review: ‘Love of Country: A Hebridean Journey’ by Madeleine Bunting”

The Rural Youth Project

I came across the Rural Youth Project in this week’s Farmers Weekly, a small paragraph on p.8, and this led me to their website. In short the RYP is a research project that aims to better understand the current ‘aspirations, opportunities and challenges’ of young people (18-28), mostly in Scotland but also in England, Wales,Continue reading “The Rural Youth Project”

How much of an Impact could Scottish Independence have on Farmers in Scotland? – Guest Post by Justin Fox

With more than 290,000 people working in farming, and more than 70% of the UK’s land under agricultural use, farming has a huge impact, directly and indirectly, on all of us. With many farmers and related businesses operating on both sides of the Scottish border, there would inevitably be significant repercussions for many companies, ifContinue reading “How much of an Impact could Scottish Independence have on Farmers in Scotland? – Guest Post by Justin Fox”

We have no time to stand and stare

I was driving down the long trackway from Duart Castle, home to the Clan MaClean  on the Isle of Mull, when Holly, who was sitting in the passenger seat, suddenly called out, pointing to the sky. I stopped the car and grabbed the binoculars. The excitement was palpable as we both realised it was aContinue reading “We have no time to stand and stare”

The Prince’s Countryside Fund Just read this article. Great to hear some positive news and thought I should give some (if limited) profile to this inspiring organisation. It has led me to look further into some of the projects that the fund has been giving grants to. Farm Cornwall ( and Kickstart Norfolk ( as well as theContinue reading “The Prince’s Countryside Fund”