#FarmerMentalHealth and Considering Online Therapy

It has been brilliant to see the subject of mental health increasingly embraced within the farming and broader rural community in recent months. On twitter there is a hashtag #FarmerMentalHealth which can be used by anybody wishing to discuss the subject or perhaps link to an interesting story or something to inspire or help others.Continue reading “#FarmerMentalHealth and Considering Online Therapy”

The Prince’s Countryside Fund

http://www.countrysideonline.co.uk/news-views/news/more-rural-projects-gain-funds-support/ Just read this article. Great to hear some positive news and thought I should give some (if limited) profile to this inspiring organisation. It has led me to look further into some of the projects that the fund has been giving grants to. Farm Cornwall (http://www.farmcornwall.co.uk/) and Kickstart Norfolk (http://www.kickstart.btck.co.uk/) as well as theContinue reading “The Prince’s Countryside Fund”