Data sharing is vital to maintain animal welfare standards post-Brexit – Guest Post by Martin Coates

The UK’s imminent departure from the EU poses many challenges for farmers, food producers and processors. Not least amongst these is the need to ensure the continued high standards of animal welfare and meat processing so consumers can have confidence in the quality of the food in our shops. With the potential increase in riskContinue reading “Data sharing is vital to maintain animal welfare standards post-Brexit – Guest Post by Martin Coates”

‘An Excerpt from Beyond Words’ – Guest blog by Carl Safina

Carl Safina is an author and conservationist. He was the first Professor for Nature and Humanity to be endowed at Stony Brook University in New York, where he co-chairs the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science and runs the not-for-profit Safina Center. He hosted the PBS series Saving the Ocean. His writing has appeared in The NewContinue reading “‘An Excerpt from Beyond Words’ – Guest blog by Carl Safina”

‘Diversity on your Doorstep’ – Guest post by Elizabeth Mills

Elizabeth Mills graduated last summer with a first in marine biology from Swansea University. She is now undertaking an interdisciplinary Msc by Research combining marine biology and engineering. She runs an illustrative website ( on which every Sunday evening she posts a painting of a species, along with a short description. In this post, as partContinue reading “‘Diversity on your Doorstep’ – Guest post by Elizabeth Mills”

The best Country Dogs

My family has kept dogs for as long as I can remember. In my lifetime we have had: Welly, a wonderful (but absolutely crazy) springer spaniel; Tilly, a kind and loving black labrador; Nell (another kind and loving black lab but a lot more worried about the world); and Lotty, a yellow lab who is gladly still with us. LottyContinue reading “The best Country Dogs”

Farmageddon – How do we create change?

Over the last few years there have been a string of ‘organidocs’, documentaries regarding the organic movement and the problems within the global food industry, attempting to send the message out about the ‘real’ state of the global agricultural situation to a wider audience. When I watch them, as someone who is already aware, IContinue reading “Farmageddon – How do we create change?”