Drawing ’20 Days Wild’ to a close

The old saying ‘a week is a long time in politics’ has never rung quite so true as for the past week. This time last week the news that Britain was leaving the European Union was starting to sink in. There was jubilation from some and utter horror and shock from others. The short termContinue reading “Drawing ’20 Days Wild’ to a close”

’20 Days Wild’ – Days 16 and 17: Blaise Castle and Royal Fort

As already suggested on several occasions on this we are fortunate in Bristol to have a number of green spaces in the city in which one can escape the concrete jungle and spend some time within a softer, greener atmosphere. Royal Fort Gardens at the University of Bristol is one such place, usually the preserveContinue reading “’20 Days Wild’ – Days 16 and 17: Blaise Castle and Royal Fort”

’20 Days Wild’ – Days 14 and 15: Contemplating Brexit

From day 14 to day 15 of my 20 days wild, the political landscape in the UK changed beyond recognition. In anticipation of what was clearly going to be a close result I went, on Thursday (day 14), to Brandon Hill, one of several green escape patches in the middle of Bristol, where I could think,Continue reading “’20 Days Wild’ – Days 14 and 15: Contemplating Brexit”

’20 Days Wild’ – Days 11,12 and 13

The last few days have been fairly frantic as I have been in the process in that oh so enjoyable of tasks – moving house. It has therefore involved a lot of traveling in various forms. Nonetheless, it has reminded me how, even if your day to day life seems excessively busy, there is stillContinue reading “’20 Days Wild’ – Days 11,12 and 13”

’20 Days Wild’ – days 9&10

I am currently doing some broad research for a book proposal I am putting together. Days 9 and 10 of my ’20 days wild’ therefore involved returning to a book I read last year, which was perhaps one of the most prominent of nature publications in 2015. The book is by Tony Juniper and isContinue reading “’20 Days Wild’ – days 9&10”