’20 Days Wild’ – days 9&10

DSC00612I am currently doing some broad research for a book proposal I am putting together. Days 9 and 10 of my ’20 days wild’ therefore involved returning to a book I read last year, which was perhaps one of the most prominent of nature publications in 2015. The book is by Tony Juniper and is titled What Nature Does for Britain. Lucy McRobert, who is currently Nature Matters Campaigns Manager at the Wildlife Trusts as well as Creative Director of A Focus on Nature, carried out additional research for the book. Even though they are at the core of the book, happily for me, the term ‘ecosystem services’ is not indexed. Nonetheless, the book is about outlining the key services that the natural world provides us with in Britain and makes a strong case for their conservation. The book is approachable and anybody who know’s Tony Juniper’s speaking style will recognise this coming across as you read. It is as if Juniper is narrating directly to you. Another key integration I approve of is the addition of ‘manifesto ideas’ at the end of each chapter. Juniper offers forth three suggestions apropos the topic covered within that chapter, encouraging a move within policy to recognise the great benefits of a healthy environment and natural world on society and modern Britain. Highly recommended if you haven’t yet read it.

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