Roast sausage, apple and potato with cabbage and cider gravy

I must start by apologising that September’s recipe is so late. Despite this, the main star in this dish, apples, thankfully continue to be plentiful into October. Here I have used them to give extra sweetness to a roasted sausage and potato dish. Originally, we used English codlings, a heritage variety from Ben’s orchard, andContinue reading “Roast sausage, apple and potato with cabbage and cider gravy”

How do you prune an apple tree?

On our Essex farm stands an orchard (with cider apple varieties), put in by my uncle nearly 20 years ago. For most of the last few years (with the exception of this year as I have been at the opposite end of the country) I have ‘attempted’ to make cider, with a range of success. AmbitionContinue reading “How do you prune an apple tree?”