Alternative Ways to Preserve Your Food – Guest Post by Joe Baldwin

  According to an essay paper, written by an old friend, when well-to-do folks talk about preserving food, they usually mean refrigeration. Even though refrigeration is a fine way to preserve food, there are still downsides to it. Imagine that the entire region was infiltrated by a storm, leaving you with no electricity. You enterContinue reading “Alternative Ways to Preserve Your Food – Guest Post by Joe Baldwin”

How do you prune an apple tree?

On our Essex farm stands an orchard (with cider apple varieties), put in by my uncle nearly 20 years ago. For most of the last few years (with the exception of this year as I have been at the opposite end of the country) I have ‘attempted’ to make cider, with a range of success. AmbitionContinue reading “How do you prune an apple tree?”