Chat from the Shed

Lambing has started again on the farm. As I write this post Storm Dennis is starting to show his cards and it is looking likely that he will make Ciara (from last weekend) look mild. I took a step back from the sheep this year to concentrate on other projects (doing everything is impossible andContinue reading “Chat from the Shed”

Our Place in Time and the Subtleties of Changing Landscapes

Bordering the north eastern most part of our farm at Walton Hall, Walton-on-the-Naze lies an area of low lying land, owned by the District Council and protected from regular flooding by the natural, rapidly eroding cliff. This small section of eroding cliff face also protects a water treatment works which serves thousands of local people,Continue reading “Our Place in Time and the Subtleties of Changing Landscapes”

Coastal Farming and Uncertain Futures

As I have often mentioned in previous blog posts my family farms low lying land on the Essex coast. It is a beautiful (if rapidly urbanising) part of the world but it certainly has it’s challenges, one of which is ensuring the future viability of our 3 miles of sea walls. In 2010 the EnvironmentContinue reading “Coastal Farming and Uncertain Futures”

Rising Sea Levels and Changing Coastlines

Moving on (at least for the moment) from thinking about river and freshwater flooding I want to reflect on where we are heading in terms of coastal change, rise in sea levels and the impacts this will have on all of us, wherever we are geographically. Sea level rise is not and should not beContinue reading “Rising Sea Levels and Changing Coastlines”

How to prevent future flooding: it’s not a case of nature v people

Several storms have resulted in widespread flooding across the UK over the past couple of months, with Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Yorkshire and parts of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland among the worst affected. Cities such as Leeds and York were forced to a standstill. We certainly can’t control the weather and climate change isContinue reading “How to prevent future flooding: it’s not a case of nature v people”