Chat from the Shed

Lambing has started again on the farm. As I write this post Storm Dennis is starting to show his cards and it is looking likely that he will make Ciara (from last weekend) look mild. I took a step back from the sheep this year to concentrate on other projects (doing everything is impossible andContinue reading “Chat from the Shed”

How long will this weather continue?

From twitter and instagram (as well as that old fashioned thing called the weather forecast) I see that some parts of the country have received a small amount of rain, although still very little and it has really been restricted to parts of the west. @StormHour #Cornwall #Kernow #loomingstorm #clouds #rain — Mark MarlowContinue reading “How long will this weather continue?”

The Beast from the East

”It won’t happen” they said on Monday morning. ”The forecasters are never right”. Well the weather forecasters were correct, and you don’t need me to tell you that an eastern freeze has held the UK in its grip this week. We’ve all felt it to varying degrees, and at this stage it looks as ifContinue reading “The Beast from the East”