The Beast from the East

”It won’t happen” they said on Monday morning. ”The forecasters are never right”.

Well the weather forecasters were correct, and you don’t need me to tell you that an eastern freeze has held the UK in its grip this week. We’ve all felt it to varying degrees, and at this stage it looks as if the south-west of England and south Wales will be the next regions to experience the full might of the snow, this time in the form of Storm Emma.

As I write this post it has just started snowing again here in Essex. We have now had a good 20cm of snow in many parts of the north-east of the county and the drifts are unlike anything I have seen before in the area. Cars have been stranded in drifts of well over 6 feet and the eastern wind continues to whip the snow around.

I am thankful for 4 wheel drive.

This was Great Bentley and Bradwell on Sea this morning.

And me this afternoon:


Spring has been delayed and the farm is gripped by winter. Our Siberian sea buckthorn plants on the farm seem very much home in this weather but it does slow the last bits of winter field work.


Coming in to the world on the other side of the farm are the latest collection of lambs. Temperatures of -8 degrees certainly wasn’t expected for lambing 2018 but that’s the lottery of life and farming.

Wherever you are this week I hope that you’ve not been too badly affected by the Beast from the East. My heart goes out to all those who don’t have a roof over their heads for whatever reason, especially the hidden homeless of our countryside.

Thank you to all of the people who have been out there helping others, whether that is the gritting teams and farmers clearing roads,  people helping elderly neighbours or those who cannot get out for whatever reason and of course the emergency services who do an incredible job everyday, but perhaps even more-so at times like these.

There have been quite a few news pieces recently that are relevant for our countryside, farming and conservation, not least the publication of the government’s consultation on future farming policy, and I will turn my attention to these before long, but the weather has been so momentous I felt that it should take the spotlight for now.

Stay warm.





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