Farmers Weekly’s Philip Clarke says ‘the time has come for farmers to speak up’.

Tomorrow, like every Friday, I will receive my regular Farmers Weekly through the post. Occasionally I get the time to read it cover to cover. Sometimes it takes me a couple of days. Mostly however I will dip in and out of the pages (as I do with other magazines and papers) as the weekContinue reading “Farmers Weekly’s Philip Clarke says ‘the time has come for farmers to speak up’.”

A brief introduction to soil biology

One week has, rather predictably, not been enough to do justice to the subject of soils. Nonetheless, I hope I have been able to trigger an interest among some of you and have inspired you to find out more. I will certainly return to the subject in the (near) future but this post is theContinue reading “A brief introduction to soil biology”

Can we make nature exciting?

This post was my first to be published at activisionary, a new independent group focusing upon environmental writing within which I am volunteering as an environmental journalist. Take a look at their site and my first article here. The automatic response to the posing of the above question may be one of disbelief for mostContinue reading “Can we make nature exciting?”