Moley, moley, moley – Guest post by Robert Blakemore

Although the UK’s State of Nature Report (2016) shows that many species are in decline, they also report that moles (Talpa spp.) are holding their ground with an estimated population of 41 million (Ref.; Ref.). This excludes Ireland that has no moles – a hangover from the ice age – while resident moles have seeminglyContinue reading “Moley, moley, moley – Guest post by Robert Blakemore”

Soil – ‘the cinderella subject’

Last week I gave a talk to a brilliantly engaged audience (or so they seemed!) in Essex on the hopelessly neglected subject that is ‘soil’. I have received several messages asking for the topic to be profiled more regularly on the blog, so this post will be the first of a week’s worth of posts dedicatedContinue reading “Soil – ‘the cinderella subject’”