A message in the light of Manchester

I was planning to write about the various manifestos today, analysing them for what each of them offers when it comes to food, farming, the environment and rural communities. However, in the light of the Manchester attack, it doesn’t seem right to do this at the moment. The events in Manchester on Monday night have beenContinue reading “A message in the light of Manchester”

African Continent Faces the ArmyWorm

Whenever there is news reported about Africa in the west it tends to be bad news. I therefore don’t really relish writing this article. I’m following the trend. However, what amazes me is that apart from an article in the FT and in The Independent the mainstream media [I accept that the Ugandan Independent isn’t ‘mainstream’ inContinue reading “African Continent Faces the ArmyWorm”

Climate Change and Global Change

I am writing this post in response to a couple of articles I have been reading this evening; articles that I came across through links on twitter. The first is from the Guardian and is regarding Nigel Lawson’s climate change sceptic (or as I prefer to see them, denier) group the ‘Global Warming Policy Foundation’ (GWPF).Continue reading “Climate Change and Global Change”